Climate of Egypt

Climate of Egypt
Egypt generally experiences generally extreme climate due to the presence of desert but with a difference in the climate of the North Egypt and South Egypt. The Summer Season in Egypt is exceptionally hot and dry during the months of May to August. The average temperature during summers in the south can rise up to 41oC and around 35oC in the north. The Spring Season experiences temperate climatic conditions accompanied by dust storms. The Winter Season bring with them pleasant climate good for traveling in Egypt. The average temperature during winters is around 21oC in the south and 13oC in the north.
Cairo, the capital of Egypt, lies in the middle of the North and South Egypt. Therefore, it enjoys a moderate climate. Alexandria enjoys a relatively mild climate during the summers. Thus, it has become a major destination during the summers when people are on a look out for a retreat. The best season to visit Egypt is during the winter because of sunny days and chilly nights.

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