History of Egypt

History of Egypt
Egypt has caught the attention and fancy of many over the years as the time passes by; their curiosity to know more about the country has risen manifold. The History of Egypt commences from 3300 BC when they had developed the script of symbols to give expressions to their feelings in the form of words. It was also during this period that Pharaoh Menes united the Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt to form one single kingdom. He initiated the construction of his two capitals, Memphis in the North and Abydos in the South. The strong and competent rulers set up an efficient government. The calendar was also introduced during this period. Gradually the grandeur of this period waned in the History of Egypt and gave way to the establishment of the foreign rule.
The History of Egypt is also marked with the rule of the foreigners. Egypt was ruled by quite a few foreign rulers including Alexander the Great and Cleopatra VII for more than 300 years. It also became the province of Rome but the division of power resulted in its abandonment. After this, many foreign countries ruled over Egypt but for short period of times. Egypt finally became an independent country with the President as the leader after series of wars and years of hard work.
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