Sick or injured abroad

If you become sick or are injured abroad you should seek medical attention locally if you feel you need it. Your travel insurance should cover most medical expenses if you have taken out a comprehensive policy.
If you have travelled with a tour guide or have a tour representative you should contact them in the first instance if your condition is not serious.
Please be aware that medical facilities abroad may differ from those in your country

In hospital abroad

If you're admitted to hospital abroad you should contact your nearest embassy.

What what you have to do :

  • contact your family and friends in your country
  • contact your embassy
  • contact with your insurance company or medical evacuation company

What your embassy can do to help:

  • contact you within 24 hours of being told that you have been admitted
  • contact your family and friends
  • liaise with your insurance company or medical evacuation company
  • visit you within 48 hours of being told you have gone into hospital if we feel that this is appropriate to your circumstances and there is an Embassy or consulate in the same city as the hospital you are in.

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