religion in Greece

Orthodox religion

Religion for Orthodox Greeks is a word which means "the true belief". 

Sunday mass can last up to 3 hours, but it is not customary to remain for the whole service. Men and women are separated. 
The priest officiates behind the iconostas, a wall covered in icons which hides the altar. To the right and left of the entrance, St. John the Baptist and the Virgin Mary show the way to Christ. Whereas the bishops remain celibate, the priests can marry and have children. They are easily spotted in their long black robes, with their long hair that they wear in a bun or a pony tail and a long beard which is a sign of maturity among the orthodox. The patriarch, or head, of the orthodox religion is in Istanbul in Turkey. There are many monasteries in Greece, the highest concentration of monks being found on Mount Athos where there are 1700 monks in the 20 monasteries there.
  Agios Stephanos, one of six monasteries of the Meteora in Greece

 Varlaam Monastery


 Varlaam Monastery

 Women and children are not allowed on Mount Athos.

The Greek Easter
Easter is the most important celebration for the Greeks.

 Families get together to share lamb roast on a spit.

The masses are particularly impressive. The celebrations last for several days, and even up to Ascension in certain villages, that is 40 days. On Easter Sunday children are given new clothes. At the beginning of Lent, children go to school in disguise and a big carnival is organized in the towns.

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